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Elegant Infusions: Crafting Tea Cocktails in New Zealand

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The cocktails world constantly evolves, blending tradition with innovation to create new and exciting drinking experiences. Among the latest trends, captivating mixologists and enthusiasts alike is the tea cocktail—a fusion that combines tea's aromatic subtleties with the dynamic world of spirits. In New Zealand, where there's a burgeoning interest in artisanal spirits and gourmet teas, tea cocktails are a sophisticated and flavorful choice for those looking to explore beyond traditional drinks.

Tea cocktails offer a unique experience, combining the comfort and familiarity of tea with the excitement and complexity of alcoholic beverages. This blend creates a drink that's not only indulgent but also carries the nuanced flavours and aromas of different tea varieties. From the smoky depth of a Lapsang Souchong to the citrusy zing of Earl Grey, each tea brings its distinct personality to the cocktail shaker.

In New Zealand, where the appreciation for quality and natural ingredients is high, tea cocktails are becoming popular in bars and at home. They fit perfectly into the country's vibrant culinary scene, known for its fusion of local and international flavours. Tea cocktails also align with the growing trend towards mindful drinking—offering a way to enjoy alcoholic beverages focusing on taste and craft rather than just the alcohol content.

As we delve deeper into this blog, we'll explore how tea can transform your cocktail experience, the best teas for your cocktail experiments, and how to perfectly blend these ingredients to create your tea-infused masterpieces. Whether you're a seasoned mixologist or a curious newbie, the world of tea cocktails will surely add an exciting twist to your drink repertoire.

The Appeal of Specialty Teas in New Zealand

With its pristine landscapes and keen environmental consciousness, New Zealand has always had a deep appreciation for quality, natural products. This appreciation extends to the world of teas, where speciality teas have found a special place in the hearts of Kiwis. In recent years, the tea culture in New Zealand has evolved, embracing not only traditional black and green teas but also a variety of speciality teas known for their unique flavours and health benefits.

Specialty teas, such as those from your exquisite collection, appeal to the New Zealand market for several reasons. Firstly, there's a growing awareness and interest in the health benefits of different tea varieties. For instance, green tea is known for its antioxidant properties, while herbal teas like chamomile are sought after for their calming effects. This health-conscious approach aligns perfectly with New Zealand's wellness-focused lifestyle.

Moreover, the trend towards sustainability and ethical consumption drives the popularity of speciality teas in New Zealand. Consumers are increasingly interested in where their tea comes from, how it is grown, and whether it is environmentally friendly and socially responsible. 

Additionally, the culinary diversity and openness to new flavours in New Zealand mean a growing curiosity about experimenting with different types of teas. Blending traditional tea flavours with unique local ingredients or creating innovative tea-based drinks, like cocktails, excites the modern New Zealand tea drinker.

Selecting the Right Tea for Cocktails

When creating tea cocktails, the choice of tea is paramount. It forms the backbone of the drink, infusing it with unique flavours and aromas. For our New Zealand audience, we want to select teas from your collection that not only offer distinct taste profiles but also align with the preferences and palate of the local market.

From your collection, here are a few excellent options for tea cocktails:

  1. Earl Grey Tea: This classic tea, infused with bergamot, offers a citrusy and slightly floral flavour. It's perfect for creating sophisticated cocktails that appeal to a refined palate.
  2. Lemon Ginger Tea: With its zesty lemon flavour and the spicy kick of ginger, this tea can be transformed into a refreshing cocktail, ideal for a summer evening.
  3. Jasmine Green Tea: The delicate floral notes of Jasmine Green tea make it an excellent candidate for a light, fragrant cocktail, perhaps paired with a subtle spirit like vodka or gin.
  4. Tulsi Turmeric Moringa Tea: This tea blends the earthy notes of turmeric, the herbal tones of Tulsi, and the nutritional punch of Moringa, creating a cocktail that's not just tasty but also health-conscious.
  5. Chai-20: For a spicier cocktail, the Chai-20, with its blend of traditional chai spices, can offer a warming and aromatic base, perfect for cooler nights.

Each of these teas can be the star of a cocktail that not only tastes great but also tells a story – something that resonates well with the New Zealand market that values authenticity and quality. In the next section, we'll explore how to blend these teas with various spirits and ingredients to create perfect tea cocktails.

Jasmine Green Tea Cocktail Recipe

For this section, let's craft an elegant and refreshing cocktail using Jasmine Green tea from your collection. This cocktail will blend the delicate floral notes of Jasmine Green tea with a mix of complementary ingredients, perfect for a relaxing evening or a sophisticated gathering.

Jasmine Green Tea Cocktail


  • Jasmine Green Tea 
  • Vodka or gin (2 oz)
  • Fresh lemon juice (1 oz)
  • Honey Syrup (1 oz) [To make honey syrup, mix equal parts honey and warm water until honey is dissolved]
  • Ice cubes
  • Sparkling water
  • Edible flowers or lemon twist for garnish


  1. Brew the Tea: Start by brewing the Jasmine Green tea. Use about one teaspoon of tea leaves for one cup of water. Steep for 3-4 minutes, then let it cool.
  2. Mix the Cocktail: In a shaker, combine the cooled tea, vodka or gin, lemon juice, and honey syrup. Fill the shaker with ice and shake well until the mixture is chilled.
  3. Prepare the Glass: Fill a glass with ice cubes.
  4. Strain and Serve: Strain the cocktail into the prepared glass.
  5. Top It Off: Top the cocktail with a splash of sparkling water for some fizz.
  6. Garnish: Garnish with an edible flower or a twist of lemon peel to enhance the visual appeal and add a touch of elegance.
  7. Enjoy: Serve immediately and enjoy the unique fusion of Jasmine Green tea and spirits, a perfect blend of floral notes and refreshing taste.

This Jasmine Green tea cocktail is not just a drink but an experience that beautifully encapsulates New Zealand's love for innovative and quality beverages. It perfectly represents how traditional tea can be transformed into a modern, chic cocktail.

Pairing Tea Cocktails with New Zealand Cuisine

The art of pairing drinks with food is a dance of flavours and textures, and tea cocktails offer a unique twist to this culinary experience. New Zealand's diverse cuisine, emphasising fresh, local ingredients, provides an excellent canvas to pair with our Jasmine Green tea cocktail. Here's how you can create a harmonious blend of tastes and aromas:

  1. Seafood Delights: New Zealand's rich seafood can perfectly match the Jasmine Green tea cocktail. The cocktail's floral notes complement the delicate flavours of seafood like green-lipped mussels, oysters, or salmon. A dish like grilled salmon with a light lemon butter sauce would pair beautifully, with the cocktail cutting through the sauce's richness.
  2. Fresh Salads: The crispness of fresh greens and the acidity of a vinaigrette dressing can be a refreshing contrast to the smooth and floral notes of the cocktail. Consider pairing it with a garden salad featuring fresh herbs, goat cheese, and a light vinaigrette.
  3. Asian Fusion Dishes: New Zealand's love for Asian fusion cuisine can play well with the Jasmine Green tea cocktail. The herbal and floral notes of the cocktail can complement the spices and aromatics of dishes like Thai green curry or Vietnamese spring rolls.
  4. Cheese Platters: A selection of cheeses, significantly softer varieties like Brie or Camembert, can be a delightful pairing. The creaminess of the cheese balanced with the crispness of the cocktail creates a pleasing contrast in flavours.
  5. Desserts: Pairing the cocktail with a light dessert can be a delightful experience for those with a sweet tooth. A lemon tart or a fruit sorbet would be a great choice, as the citrus elements would echo the lemon notes in the cocktail.

As we conclude our journey through the enticing world of tea cocktails, it's clear that these creations are more than just drinks; they're a fusion of culture, art, and taste. The Jasmine Green tea cocktail, with its subtle floral and refreshing zing blend, exemplifies how tea can be a versatile and sophisticated ingredient in the world of mixology.

In New Zealand, where there's a growing appreciation for unique and quality beverages, tea cocktails like the one we've crafted are not just a trend but a new frontier in the culinary experience. They offer an opportunity to explore new flavours, experiment with local ingredients, and appreciate the subtle complexities that tea can bring to a drink.

We encourage you, our readers, to dive into the world of tea cocktails. Start with our Jasmine Green tea cocktail recipe, then let your creativity flow. Explore the range of teas in our collection, each with its distinct personality, and imagine the possibilities they could bring to your cocktail shaker. The options are endless, whether it's a robust English Breakfast tea for a strong, spirited drink or a calming Chamomile for a soothing evening concoction.

Share your creations with us and become a part of a community that appreciates the finer things in life. Your next favourite drink might be a brew and a shake away!

Remember, whether it is a casual gathering or a fancy dinner party, a well-crafted tea cocktail can elevate the occasion, offering a unique and memorable drinking experience. So, experiment and enjoy the delightful combination of tea and spirits. Cheers to your next tea cocktail adventure!

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