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Vitalitea Infusion Tea


Vitalitea Infusion - Nutritional Health Tea
(Pyramid Tea Bags - Premium Quality)

Vitalitea Infusion is a nourishing blend of Green Tea, Moringa, Hibiscus, and Lemongrass, designed to support overall nutritional health. Green Tea is rich in antioxidants, supporting cellular health. Moringa, known as a 'superfood,' contributes essential vitamins and minerals, enhancing overall nutrition. Hibiscus adds to the tea's vitamin C content, while Lemongrass provides digestive health benefits. This tea is perfect for those seeking to enrich their diet with a tasty, health-boosting beverage.


Green Tea

Antioxidant-rich, supports overall health. Enhances nutrient absorption and provides a revitalizing base, beneficial for overall nutritional wellness.


Moringa is known for its high nutrient content, including vitamins A, C, and E, calcium, and protein. It supports immune health, helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and provides anti-inflammatory benefits.


Hibiscus is rich in antioxidants, helps lower blood pressure, supports heart health, aids digestion, and is high in vitamin C to boost immune function.


 Aids in digestion, detoxifies the body. Its citrusy flavor complements the green tea, enhancing the tea's refreshing and healthful qualities.

Leaves of Knowledge: Tea FAQs

Vitalitea Infusion is designed to support overall nutritional wellness, enriched with antioxidants from green tea, moringa, and hibiscus.

The combination of green tea and moringa in Vitalitea Infusion can provide a natural energy boost.

Yes, ingredients like moringa and hibiscus are known for their immune-boosting properties.

Yes, it contains green tea, which has a moderate amount of caffeine.

Yes, but due to its caffeine content, it is best enjoyed in the morning or early afternoon.

Yes, its ingredients support natural detox processes in the body.