Our Kaupapa


At Indian Royal Brew, our guiding principles, or Kaupapa, draw deeply from the richness of Māori culture, resonating with values like Kaitiakitanga, Manaakitanga, and Whanaungatanga. Our approach is not just about offering exceptional teas but about fostering a deep connection with our community, our land, and our cultural heritage.

Embracing Kaitiakitanga: In our journey, we embrace Kaitiakitanga by advocating for and practicing environmental stewardship. Our sustainable packaging choices are a testament to this commitment. We understand the impact of our actions on the environment and strive to minimize our footprint, ensuring that our practices honor and protect our planet for future generations.

Cultivating Manaakitanga: Manaakitanga is at the heart of our customer interactions. We believe in offering not just a product but an experience filled with warmth, hospitality, and respect. Our customers are part of our extended family, and we endeavor to create an environment of kindness and generosity in every interaction.

Fostering Whanaungatanga: Indian Royal Brew is more than a brand; it's a community. We cherish Whanaungatanga, building lasting relationships with our customers, suppliers, and partners. We believe in the power of connections to bring people together, creating a sense of belonging and unity.

Championing Rangatiratanga: Our journey is also one of Rangatiratanga, where we lead with integrity and self-determination. We are committed to setting a precedent in the industry for ethical and sustainable business practices, charting our own path while respecting the traditions and wisdom of our heritage.

Nurturing our Hapori: Our responsibility extends beyond our immediate customers to the wider Hapori, the community we serve. We engage in initiatives that give back to the community, fostering a spirit of mutual support and collective well-being.

Exceptional Teas with a Story: Each tea we offer is selected with care, ensuring it aligns with our values and tells a story of tradition, quality, and sustainability. From the lush gardens of India to your cup, we bring a taste that's not just delightful but also steeped in cultural significance.

Join us on this journey at Indian Royal Brew, where every sip is a step towards a more sustainable, connected, and enriched world.