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PureEase Digestive Tea


PureEase Digestive Tea
(Pyramid Tea Bags - Premium Quality)

PureEase Digestive Tea is expertly crafted to aid in relieving constipation, featuring  Senna Leaves, known for their natural laxative properties. This tea blends Green Tea with a carefully selected array of herbs, including Peppermint, Licorice, Triphala, Chamomile, and Hibiscus. Each ingredient contributes to digestive wellness, with Fennel, Flaxseed, Fenugreek, and Lemon Balm enhancing its effectiveness and flavour profile. Ideal for those seeking gentle, natural relief from constipation, this tea offers a soothing, digestive-supportive experience.


Senna Leaves

Effective natural laxative, promotes bowel movements. Helps relieve constipation and cleanse the colon, making it a key component in digestive wellness teas.

Green Tea

Rich in antioxidants, supports healthy digestion. Enhances metabolism, aids in detoxifying the body, and provides a refreshing base for the tea.


Offers relief from indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome. Its cooling effect soothes the digestive system, enhancing the tea's refreshing and soothing properties.


Soothes stomach discomfort, balances acidity. Sweet, aromatic flavor improves the tea's taste while supporting gastrointestinal health and relieving discomfort.


An Ayurvedic blend that promotes digestive balance and bowel health. Enhances digestion and detoxification, adding gentle cleansing properties to the tea.


Calms the digestive tract, reduces stress. Its soothing properties make it ideal for digestive issues and enhancing the tea's calming effect.

Leaves of Knowledge: Tea FAQs

It's formulated to relieve constipation and promote smooth digestion, featuring ingredients like Senna Leaves and green tea.

While effective for occasional constipation, it's advisable to use it as needed, given its potent natural laxatives.

Yes, Senna Leaves in the tea act as a natural laxative.

Yes, it contains green tea which has caffeine

Its ingredients like Triphala and peppermint support overall digestive health and aid in relieving digestive discomfort.

While not a weight loss tea, improved digestion can support weight management efforts.

Customer Reviews

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Jay (Kuala Lumpur, MY)
All time favourite

My whole family loves this. I make a pot to share after dinner. Perfect for after-meals.