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Nettle Lemongrass Tea


Nettle Lemongrass Tea
(Pyramid Tea Bags - Premium Quality)

Nettle Lemongrass tea is a nourishing blend designed to promote general well-being and strengthen the body against various weaknesses often associated with modern city life. Nettle leaves are rich in vitamins (such as A, C, and K) and minerals like iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and calcium. They also contain a good amount of protein and amino acids. Lemongrass is often used in detox teas as it's believed to help cleanse and flush harmful toxins out of the body. This tea is ideal for those seeking a natural way to address multiple health concerns and support their overall vitality.



Supports general well-being, counters nutritional deficiencies. Aids in reducing arthritis symptoms, allergies, and supports prostate health, adding a herbal depth.


Good for cough, cold, and fever. Lowers blood pressure, adds a refreshing citrus flavor, and enhances the tea’s overall health benefits.

Leaves of Knowledge: Tea FAQs

This tea is a blend of nettle, known for its nutritional and health benefits, and lemongrass, which adds a refreshing citrus flavor.

Yes, nettle is rich in nutrients that support overall health, including joint health and allergy relief.

Yes, Nettle Lemongrass Tea is naturally caffeine-free.

It's suitable for regular consumption, especially beneficial for those looking for nutritional support.

Yes, both nettle and lemongrass have natural detoxifying effects

Nettle is traditionally used to aid in respiratory health, making this tea a good choice for those with respiratory concerns.