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Indian Summer Green Tea


Indian Summer Green Tea - A Fruity Darjeeling Green Blend
(Pyramid Tea Bags - Premium Quality)

Our Indian Summer Green Tea is a delightful blend of Darjeeling Green Tea, Natural Apple Bits, Hibiscus, Lemon Peels, Melon Seeds, Marigold petals, and Strawberry Flavor. This refreshing tea is delicious and offers a range of health benefits. The green tea base provides antioxidants, while apple bits and lemon peels boost vitamin C. Hibiscus is known to lower blood pressure, and melon seeds offer essential nutrients. Marigold petals have anti-inflammatory properties, making this tea perfect for a healthy, revitalizing experience.


Darjeeling Green Tea

Light and fresh, provides a delicate base. Rich in antioxidants, enhances the tea’s subtle flavor profile.

Natural Apple Bits

Adds a fruity sweetness. Enhances the tea’s flavor, contributes to a slightly fruity taste, and complements the green tea base.


Adds tartness, rich in vitamin C. Contributes to the tea’s refreshing taste and supports overall wellness.

Lemon Peels

Add a zesty citrus flavor. Enhances digestion, contributes to the tea’s refreshing quality, and offers vitamin C benefits.

Melon Seeds

Provide a subtle sweetness and texture. Enhance the tea’s nutritional profile and add to its unique flavor.

Marigold Petals

Add floral notes and aesthetic appeal. Known for their calming properties, they enhance the tea’s visual and sensory experience.

Leaves of Knowledge: Tea FAQs

This tea blends the lightness of green tea with the fruity flavors of apple, hibiscus, and lemon peels, along with the sweetness of strawberry flavor.

Yes, it makes an excellent iced tea due to its fruity and refreshing taste.

Yes, the green tea base provides a rich source of antioxidants.

No, it contains a moderate amount of caffeine from the green tea.

Its blend of fruit and green tea offers both hydration and antioxidant benefits, supporting overall health.

The presence of lemon peels and hibiscus can help in aiding digestion.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ann Kerewaro (Auckland, NZ)

I like all of the teas I have tried, mostly relaxing ones and those that help me to sleep. They have all done thei r job I still have to try some of the others but Im sure I will like them too. They are very soothing and help to bring down my blood pressure.

Vinh Nguyen (Wellington, NZ)

Delicious healthy organic green tea with aromatic irresistible hints of various fruits and flowers. Try it - you will love it, too.