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Digestive Harmony Tea


Digestive Harmony Tea
(Pyramid Tea Bags - Premium Quality)

Digestive Harmony Tea is a carefully crafted blend that combines Green Tea with various natural ingredients known for their digestive benefits. This includes Triphala, known for its balancing properties in digestive health, along with Mint, Licorice, Bay Leaf, Cinnamon, and Lemongrass, each contributing to a soothing and supportive digestive experience. Adding Rose Petals and Senna Leaves further enhances its effectiveness and taste. This tea is ideal for those seeking natural digestive support while enjoying the refreshing benefits of green tea.


Green Tea

A versatile base rich in antioxidants; aids in digestion and boosts metabolism. Its catechins support gut health, making it ideal for a digestive harmony blend.


An Ayurvedic herbal concoction that enhances digestive function and bowel health. Offers gentle cleansing, rejuvenating properties, and balances the digestive system.


Refreshes and soothes the digestive tract. Its menthol content is effective against indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome, enhancing the tea's soothing qualities.


Soothes gastrointestinal problems, reduces inflammation in the digestive system. Its sweet, woody flavor adds depth and mitigates acidity, enhancing overall digestive comfort.

Bay Leaf

Adds subtle, herbal notes; known for its positive effects on gastrointestinal health. Aids in digestion, provides anti-inflammatory benefits, and enhances overall flavor.


A warming spice that aids in digestion and has anti-inflammatory properties. Adds a sweet, spicy flavor, balancing blood sugar levels, contributing to digestive wellness.

Leaves of Knowledge: Tea FAQs

It's designed to aid digestion and soothe the digestive tract with ingredients like green tea, Triphala, and mint.

Yes, ingredients like mint and licorice are known for relieving bloating and indigestion.

Yes, its natural ingredients make it suitable for daily consumption.

Yes, it contains green tea, which has a moderate amount of caffeine.

Triphala is an Ayurvedic blend known for its gentle cleansing and balancing effects on the digestive system.

Yes, its blend of herbs supports natural detoxification processes

Customer Reviews

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Vasanthi (Kuala Lumpur, MY)
A Royal Revolution in Tea Drinking

The pyramid shaped Digestive tea bags steeps the tea releasing that natural essence and flavour to soothe your stomach of discomfort, bloatness and helps in easing heartburn. Being 100% organic its a must try for those with stomach issues. Placing the orders is a breeze thru with prompt delivery