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Beauty Bloom Tea

Beauty Bloom Tea - Radiance Enhancing Blend
(Pyramid Tea Bags - Premium Quality)

Our Beauty Bloom Tea, blending Green Tea with Orange Peels, Rose Petals, and Kudzu Root, is crafted to enhance your beauty and hair health. Green Tea is rich in antioxidants, promoting skin health, while Orange Peel contributes to a bright complexion. Rose Petals are known for their hydrating properties, which are beneficial for both skin and hair. Kudzu Root, along with Rooibos and Ashwagandha, aids in improving skin elasticity. Including Turmeric and Ginger add anti-inflammatory benefits, making this tea a perfect blend for those seeking natural beauty enhancements.


Green Tea

Rich in antioxidants; promotes healthy skin and hair. Enhances cell regeneration, fights aging signs, and provides a detoxifying, refreshing base.

Orange Peel

High in vitamin C, essential for skin health. Adds a citrusy flavor and aids in skin rejuvenation, improving complexion and texture.

Rose Petals

Hydrate and soothe skin, enhancing its glow. Their floral aroma adds to the tea's sensory experience, supporting skin health from within.

Tulsi (Holy Basil)

Reduces skin stress, has anti-aging properties. Adds a herbaceous note, supports skin clarity, and enhances the tea's adaptogenic qualities.

Kudzu Root

Rich in isoflavones; supports skin elasticity and health. Adds an earthy flavor, contributing to the tea’s anti-aging and skin-nourishing profile.


High in antioxidants and skin-friendly minerals. A caffeine-free ingredient that helps improve skin health, adding a unique, sweet flavor.

Leaves of Knowledge: Tea FAQs

Its blend of antioxidants from ingredients like green tea, orange peels, and rose petals supports healthy skin and hair.

Yes, vitamin C-rich ingredients like orange peel can enhance skin health and complexion.

No, it contains green tea which has caffeine.

Antioxidants in ingredients like green tea and turmeric can help combat signs of aging.

Absolutely, its blend of herbs supports overall health and well-being.

Yes, its natural ingredients are generally suitable for all skin types, but individual sensitivities should be considered.

Customer Reviews

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Sowmya Rao (Sydney, AU)

Having been a Rooibos lover for a while now, loving its combination with green tea. Together, has a very unique flavour, and leaves a refreshing Minty-Gingery-after-taste in your throat. Loving the orange and rose together, its absolutely DELISH!