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Tailored Tea Subscription Plans: Your Guide to Personalized Tea Enjoyment

In our journey to bring the finest teas directly to your home, we've tailored subscription plans to suit every type of tea enthusiast. From the daily tea lover to those who prefer to savour their blends over time, our subscriptions are designed to cater to your unique tea-drinking preferences. Each option offers a distinct way to enjoy our curated selection, ensuring that every sip is a step towards discovering the vast, vibrant world of tea. Let's dive into the specifics of what each plan has to offer.

3-Month Subscription:

Our 3-Month Subscription is crafted for those who treasure diversity in their tea collection. With deliveries every quarter and a 10% discount, it perfectly balances variety and convenience. This plan suits the adventurous spirit, eager to explore different teas without the commitment of frequent changes. It keeps your tea selection fresh and exciting, promising a seasonal refreshment that aligns with your evolving palate.

6-Month Subscription:

The 6-Month Subscription caters to the casual tea drinker, offering a thoughtful curation of teas delivered every six months at a 5% discount. This plan is ideal for those who enjoy their tea leisurely, appreciating each blend's subtleties over time. It ensures a steady supply of your cherished teas, making each cup a reflective moment of peace and satisfaction without needing frequent ordering.

Our Philosophy: Blending Tradition with Wellness

Our journey began with a deep respect for the age-old traditions of tea making. We've travelled far and wide, selecting the finest leaves, herbs, and spices that delight your palate and offer various health benefits. From the sun-kissed slopes of Darjeeling to the rich, fertile soils of Assam, our teas are a testament to quality and purity.

But we didn't stop there. Recognizing the evolving health needs of our modern world, we've infused traditional blends with contemporary nutritional insights, creating a unique tea experience that addresses today's wellness challenges. Whether it's stress relief, weight management, detoxification, or boosting immunity, our teas are tailored to support your health goals.

Embark on a Journey of Taste and Health

As you explore our range, you'll discover teas that invigorate, soothe, cleanse, and heal. Each blend is carefully composed of flavours and health benefits, crafted to bring you a tea experience. Join us on this journey of wellness, and let each cup of tea be a celebration of health and flavour.

Choose Your Path to Wellness

  1. Detox and Digestive Health: Refreshing Tea, Revitalize Slim Tea, Digestive Harmony Tea, PureEase Digestive Tea, Soothing Tummy Tea, Nettle Lemongrass.
  2. Weight Management: Slimming Herbal Green, Revitalize Slim Tea, MetaboBoost Green.
  3. Wellness and Immunity: Vitalitea Infusion, Moringa Nutri Green, Ashwagandha Immunity Tisane, Nineteen Herbs Elixir, Tulsi Ginger Green, Moringa Nutri Tisane, Ashwagandha Relax Tisane, Tulsi Turmeric Moringa.
  4. Stress Relief and Relaxation: Zen Garden Tea, Herbal Serenity Mix, Tranquil Nights, Chamomile Green.
  5. Specific Health Concerns: Beauty Bloom Tea, SereniBP Tea, Men Vitality Tea, InsuHealth Blen.
  6. General Health and Multi-purpose: Chai-20, Summer Chai.
  7. Speciality Teas: Darjeeling Black, Earl Grey, Lemon Ginger, Jasmine Green, Indian Summer Green, Autumn Black, Royal Kashmiri Kawha, Turmeric Green, Tulsi Green, Darjeeling Oolong Classic Tea, Darjeeling Silver Needle White Tea, English B/Fast Tea.                               

Unique Features of Our Subscription:

  • Personalization: Tailor your Subscription based on your health preferences and taste profiles.
  • Exclusive Access: Subscribers get early access to new blends and special editions.
  • Community and Support: Join our community of tea lovers and gain access to exclusive wellness tips and events.

A Toast to Health and Happiness with Our Teas

Our Tea Subscription Service isn't just about enjoying a daily cup of tea; it's about embarking on a journey to wellness and delight. With a diverse range of health-focused teas, personalized subscription plans, and a community of tea enthusiasts, we're here to transform your tea-drinking experience into a healthful ritual. Whether through the aromatic depths of a Darjeeling Black or the soothing embrace of a Relax Classic blend, each cup promises a mix of tradition, taste, and therapeutic benefits. Join us in this celebration of health and flavour, and let our teas be your companions in your wellness journey. Here's to your health, one cup at a time!